Mechanical arm tests

All our mechanical arms are tested at our factories or at our research and testing facilities. Cycle tests involve all possible movements of the arm, and typically last several weeks.

We manufacture a large number of arm-based lighting products, such as illuminated magnifiers, task lights, medical examination lights and patients' bed-head reading lights. Our arms can also carry other loads, such as computer terminals. In fact, we offer a range of specialized arms for many different applications. Each arm has its own characteristics and features for a multitude of product applications and business solutions.

Moveable parts
Electrical products with moveable parts require careful engineering and testing against potential problems caused by friction or mechanical failure. We test all our arms by robot through cycle tests of samples, running them through 25.000 movements or more.

Testing the Maximum arm: 30.000 cycles during six weeks (main image)

The Maximum arm is the longest and most powerful of our mechanical arms. It offers maximum vertical and horizontal movement, and can carry loads of up to 10 kg. We run the Maximum arm through cycle tests of 30.000 movements by robot. Each cycle lasts 2 minutes and involves all possible movements of the arm. The procedure takes a total of six weeks of continuous movement – day and night.