Heat simulation

Computer-aided heat simulation is an important part of the creative process in the development of a new product. Laboratory scientists, engineers and designers work closely together to control the heat inside a luminaire – even before the prototypes are made.

Developing a new lighting product is a cooperative effort, involving many of our employees, and often also contributing independent designers. Design and aesthetics mean a lot in this process. Equally important is our experience and know-how about the design of thermal control, so that the products will perform to standard over a long period of time.

This is especially important when developing products with LED light sources. The expected lifetime of a LED luminaire is dependent on how well we manage the heat inside the product. Heat simulation allows us to calculate the dimensions of heat-reducing components such as aluminium heat sinks, minimizing trial-and-error costs and time lapses.

3-D printing of components
3-D printing is a useful part of the process when designing components for a new luminaire. The process allows for accurate simulations well in advance of actual pre-production.