Component testing

Our lighting products consist of a large number of components that are manufactured by a wide variety of suppliers from all over the world. Careful component selection and supplier quality control are key elements in our quality system.

At our laboratories, a significant amount of time is dedicated to the testing of alternative components. This requires a great deal of know-how about the nature of different materials. The components in our products are electric and electronic, they can be made of glass, metal or polymer materials – to name a few. We always use the best quality components for our purposes, and they are supplied from the best manufacturers. This requires a rigid testing and supplier selection policy.

A good example of this is our policy for the testing and selection of LED light sources. Light-emitting diodes are still being continuously developed and improved, and the lighting industry has been utilising the uninhibited design possibilities offered by these types of light sources. When creating proprietary designs, it is very important to have complete control over the specification and verification of the LED light sources. 
At Glamox, we aim to produce LED luminaires with LED modules and LED drivers of the best possible quality. For this purpose, the scientists at our test centres are hard at work keeping up with the latest developments, identifying the components that will provide the most efficient and reliable performance over time when used in our LED luminaires.