Climatic testing

Environmental simulations in climate test chambers allow us to measure the effects of temperature and humidity on our products in a controlled manner.

Climatic testing is required to ensure that our luminaires will perform to standard under the climatic conditions they will encounter in service use. Materials can deteriorate over time, ageing prematurely due to either high or low temperature extremes, while humid conditions may lead to condensation which can be damaging to electronic components.

Our climate test chambers have a test space of up to 1,500 litres. They are used to undertake heat tests of up to +180°C, cold tests of down to -75°C and humidity examinations in a range from 15% to 98%.

Here we are able to reproduce the effect on our luminaires of a wide range of temperature and humidity levels, including extreme stress parameters such as rapid temperature change. The accurate simulation of authentic environmental conditions speeds up the research into new materials and improves the quality and reliability of our products.