Energy consumption reduced with 87 % by converting to LED

An upgrade of the lighting on NORLED-ferry MS Dronningen has led to an 87.2 % reduction in kilowatt hours. This is a saving potential that is applicable to most commercial vessels that use conventional light sources today.

The Norwegian electrical contractor GK Elektro and shipping company NORLED have collaborated on an upgrade of the lighting in the passenger ferry MS Dronningen. The upgrade is based on LED products and lighting management systems from Glamox Aqua Signal and has given a yearly expenditure cut of 390,000 NOK. The electricity for lighting has been reduced by 187,500 KWh which equals 87.2%. This also implies a reduction of emission of 93.4tons of CO2 and 2.72 tons of NOx from the gas-powered passenger ferry. These figures are revealed in a report prepared by GK Elektro who has been in charge of the project along with NORLED.

Lighting can account for anywhere from 5 to 18 percent of total power consumption in commercial vessels depending on size and how many hours of the day the ship is operating. Most vessels manufactured before 2007 do not have LED lighting installed and can thus easily achieve a substantial savings by upgrading to LED and at the same time achieve an environmental benefit by reducing NOx and CO2 emissions from fuel used.

For vessels sailing in Norwegian waters, it is also possible to apply for funding from the NOx Fund to upgrade the lighting. This is an opportunity which is frequently overseen by ship owners.