Introducing a new sportshall luminaire

Meet our newest Glamox C52 compact luminaire that is perfect for multi-purpose sports arenas.

The C52 combines excellent lighting quality with high efficiency and resistance against mechanical damage. It’s an ideal solution to ensure both the best viewing conditions and highest safety, regardless of the event being held in any sports hall.

Lens optics with a full range of light distribution variants and an optimised lumen output and efficacy are combined with exceptional durability, so you get a potent luminaire that is also ball-tested and provides superior visibility – even by broadcasting standards. Built-in sensors ensure light  management possibilities and significant energy savings.

The new C52 is suitable for surface mounting, but is also available with a frame for recessed installation, adding to its versatility. It’s great for vertical illumination in indoor sports facilities and can additionally be mounted at slanting angles using dedicated brackets to ensure that the light reaches the action in all the necessary locations.

For more information about C52, visit the product page or read the brochure.