Health,safety and environmental (HSE) policy

Our business units are committed to work with improvement of their processes and products, enabling Glamox to help protect and reduce environmental impact throughout the lifetime of our products and to secure the wellness, health and operational safety, of our employees.

This commitment is in the best interests of all our stakeholders, i.e. customers, employees, suppliers, owners and the societies in which we live and work.

The long-term business success of Glamox strongly depends on our continued capability to improve the quality of our services and products. Our management commitment and obligation is to demonstrate visibly HSE leadership by involving our employees throughout all our business processes and activities, while supporting alignment with our strategy and core values through everyday actions.

Consequently, we make the following commitments; 

  • To take appropriate actions to foster short- and long-time employee wellness and to prevent all occupational accidents and illnesses. This entails to ensure proper work conditions for our employees, work ergonomics, follow up of all illnesses cases, and training and monitoring of potential unsafe acts, near accidents, accident etc.
  • To comply with governmental and self-imposed requirements, we will take necessary measures to minimize adverse environmental impact of all our business activities, products and operations, by a methodic appraisal of the effectiveness of our management systems, e.g. product development, procurement etc., through process controls and associated audits.
  • To this end, we need to develop an organizational culture for continuous improvement by assessing risks and associated opportunities in order to develop, produce and market high quality and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.