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Adapt - a brand new family of freestanding luminaires

We are proud to present to you the brand new Luxo Adapt family. Adapt is a family of freestanding luminaires that are flexible enough to cover every office plan. With Luxo quality and a clean Scandinavian design, you can be confident that an Adapt product will complement any professional interior.

The collection can be fitted with up to seven different head options that fulfil the toughest light requirements from one up to four desks on a single pole luminaire. In environments where desks are clustered together in groups, Adapt can give a calmer and neater look for the office.

Adapt office cell office.jpg


A solution for every office

Adapt is developed with flexibility in mind. Whatever your office plan, you will find a lighting solution. The luminaires are available in black, grey, and white, and come with many different options for controls, sensors, and adjustable or fixed colour temperatures. They can be easily moved and transported, and thus give you light exactly where you need it. These luminaires adapt to you – not the other way around.

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Illuminate several desks with a single luminaire

With Adapt you can illuminate up to four desks on a single pole luminaire, giving you a greater light output with fewer luminaires. This reduces both energy use and visual clutter: you get fewer lamps, fewer wires, and an airier look and feel for your workspace. Adapt’s up-light will illuminate your ceiling, which then reflects back on the surrounding areas below. This will reduce the need for dedicated ceiling lights, while still fulfilling EU requirements.


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