Solution guides for illuminated magnifiers

Illuminated magnifiers has a number of usage areas, from industrial applications to the healthcare sector, and our luminaires are designed to fit these applications depending on the different requirements. Our solution guides will guide and assist you in finding the best suited magnifier for your use:

Magnifiers for industrial applications

Magnification is essential for industrial purposes. Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of product components. Many of the procedures in a value chain require the use of illuminated magnifiers, including assembly, inspection and process control.

Many industries are sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD), and this is particularly true of the electronics industry. Therefore, it’s necessary to establish measures to remove static – this can include grounding human workers and providing antistatic tools. ESD-safe magnifiers are a welcome feature in these industries. This also applies to many maintenance, repair and overhaul procedures.

3D versions
The LED modules provide a 3D feature from each side, which is especially welcome when working with circuit boards and similar delicate objects.

UV LED light sources
UV versions are ideal when inspecting conformal coatings in the electronics industry.

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Magnifiers for therapy and cosmetology

Magnification is an important tool for cosmetologists. Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments. Cosmetic treatments include a wide range of disciplines, including skin and nail care, epilation, manicure and pedicure. In their work, cosmetologists need first-class lighting conditions and the aid of powerful and flexible magnifiers.

Foot therapists also require excellent lighting. Foot therapy is a form of medical treatment, during which tough skin, corns and calluses are removed or diminished, and cracks and sores are treated. Proper magnification is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of feet.

Excellent light quality
In the cosmetology industry, the light quality is of the highest importance, as it’s crucial to ensure the appropriate perception of colours.

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Magnifiers for the visually impaired

Magnification provides compensation for low vision. “Low vision” is a medical term that is defined as chronic disabling visual impairments that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or medical or surgical treatment. Eighty percent of people with low vision are over the age of sixty-five, and most of them developed low vision late in life.

Children have the ability to change their eyes’ focus over a large range, so they can get extremely close to an object and still keep it in focus. However, adults lose that ability because of the hardening of the eyes’ lenses with age. Consequently, many adults require strong glasses or magnifiers to focus on closely viewed objects.


Choosing the right product
Sometimes the right product is the simplest one possible, as long as its features and emitted light provide the right effect. Luxo has the wide portfolio to meet all needs.

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Magnifiers for the healthcare sector

Magnification is a necessity in the healthcare sector. Healthcare premises are very demanding environments for lighting planning. The wide variety of tasks being performed and the vast differentials in physical abilities of those using the premises demand a number of different lighting solutions.

Illuminated magnifiers are used in hospital laboratories and for examining patients. Excellent colour rendering is needed when examining human skin, as well as to distinguish between different types of tissue. Our illuminated magnifiers are tested for electromagnetic interference and approved according to the relevant standards for electromagnetic compatibility. Our medical luminaires are produced according to the ISO 13485 (medical) standard.

Medically approved
Luxo offers medically approved magnifiers coated with anti-bacterial (SteriTouch®) paint for examination rooms.

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