Business areas

The Glamox Group has two business areas - Professional Building Solutions (PBS) and Marine, Offshore & Wind (MOW). The two business areas are both dedicated to the same ambition: to provide lighting that contributes to a better life for the businesses we serve and those who work there.

The two business areas in the Glamox Group operate in strategically different markets, have different sales channels, marketing strategies and risks. Each of the two business areas represent a complete value chain and are supported by the Sourcing, Production and Logistics (SPL) division, which operates production units and factories, and plays a central role in the procurement of components and finished goods.


Professional building solutions

The Professional buildings solutions (PBS) division provides indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for non-residential applications. The division is a leading supplier to the professional building markets, offering complete product ranges for educational and healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, retail facilities, hotels and restaurants.

State-of-the art products and solutions
Through our range of quality lighting brands, we create comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments. Our products are engineered for easy mounting, use and maintenance, with state-of-the-art electronic components and light sources for optimal energy efficiency and a small environmental footprint. As a local partner, we provide tailored expert advice and serve each customer to meet their individual needs.


Marine, Offshore & Wind

The Marine, offshore & Wind (MOW) division provides lighting solutions for maritime, wind and energy applications. The division is a leading supplier to the world’s marine and offshore markets, including commercial marine vessels, cruise ships, ferries, defence and security vessels, fishing vessels, search and rescue vessels, offshore and onshore energy installations – including wind energy, petrochemical plants and recreational boats.

Global network – local partner
Offering a strong global network and a range of quality lighting brands, we can meet all maritime lighting requirements, including interior lighting, floodlights and searchlights, explosion-proof luminaires and navigation lights. With our innovative and energy efficient solutions for extreme applications, we set the standard for marine and offshore lighting. As a local partner, we deliver extra value through our knowledge of the particular needs and preferences of each customer.