Glamox Wireless Radio

Glamox Wireless Radio

A wireless solution designed for central monitoring

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Glamox Wireless Radio is a wireless system based on the 868 MHz frequency. An advantage of using this frequency is the long communication range.
  • All luminaires have a wireless transceiver that is connected to a sensor.
  • Grouping and adjusting the parameters of the motion and daylight sensors, switches and emergency lights are performed using a tablet, so that you can be in the room when each functionality is set and tested.
  • Modern and intuitive software makes commissioning easy, without requiring a high level of programming expertise from the personnel.
  • Most of the programming can actually be done before you enter the site if there proper floor plans are available.
  • Only a 230 V power connection and no additional communication cables are needed.
  • By using the access point, it is also possible to link the installation to a cloud-based solution. This makes it possible to monitor the installation from another geographical location.
  • The access point can also be used to extract data for use in your BMS system.
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