C75-P1300 G2 40/60 WH 7500 DALI-D 840 PRE C2 MPW-SEN MP

The C75-P design is a tribute to minimalism. The pendent luminaire is completely transparent when it’s not lit. When lit it creates an impression of being almost invisible, with only a thin sliver of light floating in the air.

This item contains a bluetooth interface that enables you to control the light using an App.

Glamox MPW sensor is a combined PIR and daylight sensor for our Wireless ZigBee system. This sensor connects the luminaire to our wireless ZigBee solution multiple groups can be integrated in the same network in a simple and easy way just by using your phone as an BLE integration tool. For larger intergations a gateway can be added.

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Technical specifications

  • General

    1. Product shapeRectangular
  • LMS System

    1. User ControlApp
    2. LMS Wireless solutionZigBee
    3. LMS ProtocolWireless
  • Technical Data

    1. Maximum TA (ºC)25
  • Light Technical Data

    1. Light sourceLED
    2. Lumen Out (lm)7,486
    3. Lumen Per Watt (lm/W)141
    4. Lamp colour temp (K)4000
    5. Colour Rendering Index80
    6. Light Distribution Up %40
    7. Light Distribution Down %60
    8. MacAdams Step3
  • Driver / Ballast

    1. Type of LED DriverDALI-D
    2. Number of Driver1
  • Lifetime

    1. LED Lifetime L80B50 Ta25 (h)100 000
    2. LED Lifetime L90B50 Ta25 (h)50 000
    3. Lifetime Driver TA25 (h)100,000
    4. Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor0.90
  • Electrical Data

    1. Main Feed AC (V) Min220
    2. Main Feed Voltage AC max240
    3. Main Feed Frequency Min50
    4. Main Feed Frequency Max60
    5. Total Consumption (W)56
    6. Number Of Luminaire MCB 10B13
    7. Number Of Luminaire MCB 10C21
    8. Number Of Luminaire MCB 16B21
    9. Number Of Luminaire MCB 16C35
  • Sensor

    1. Sensor TypePIR+Daylight harvesting (CLS)
    2. Daylight FunctionalityCLS
    3. Light Sensor Max Lux999
    4. Light Sensor Min Lux0
    5. Sensor Cover Cross (°)62
    6. Sensor Cover Length (°)84
    7. Sensor Cover Cross Presence45
    8. Presence FunctionalityPROG
    9. Sensor Cover Length Presence62
    10. Max mounting height3
    11. Max Hold TimeProgrammable
    12. Min Hold Time5 sec
  • Optic

    1. Optic NameMP - Micro prismatic diffuser
    2. Diffuser MaterialAcrylic
    3. Diffuser Material DesignPrismatic
  • Housing

    1. Body MaterialAluminium
    2. Body ColourWhite
  • Dimensions

    1. Length (mm)1,306
    2. Width (mm)358
    3. Height (mm)40
    4. Item Net Weight (kg)6.10
  • Mounting

    1. Mounting AccessoriesPRE-P
    2. Product MountingPendant
  • Logistic Data

    1. Item Gross Weight (kg)6.10




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