C80-W G2

C80-W G2

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Customised elegance

Glamox C80-W G2 is a slim linear wall-mounted, sophisticated luminaire that combines elegant design with different lumen outputs and an optimal choice of optics to illuminate diverse spaces to the required levels in a smart and efficient way.  Three timeless housing colours – white, black, and anodised aluminium, and four standard lengths (approx. 600 mm, 850 mm, 1150 mm, 1700 mm) make this product an aesthetically pleasing solution that can easily be adapted to user requirements.

Versatile and efficient

Low, medium, and high lumen packages can be selected to adapt the C80-W G2 to individual applications and usage scenarios. The opal optics perform well in social areas and corridors, while asymmetric will shed more light on the walls.

A complete family

The new generation of the C80 is a complete product family which includes ceiling-recessed, pendant, surface- and wall-mounted luminaires, as well as possibilities for building lines and structures. You can choose the modules that have the technology you need to provide precisely the lighting effect you want to achieve. You gain full flexibility in the design process within the same family.

Discover the modular versions: C80-WR G2, C80-SR/RR G2, C80-PR G2

Smart, sustainable lighting

By combining premium luminaires with smart technology, we can offer lighting solutions that provide great benefits and are tailored to individual needs, different tasks, and purposes. Features like daylight and presence sensing drastically reduce energy consumption in refurbishment projects – often by 90% or more. With smart use of energy, the installation’s lifetime is also extended. Another advantage of using smart lighting is optimising the light quality, for example by achieving outstanding visual comfort thanks to solutions that mimic the qualities of daylight.

Our commissioning services ensure various lighting scenes and monitoring functionalities can be installed with professional precision. We offer wired and wireless lighting control systems that ensure great flexibility and scalability, and are easy to install and use. Overall, you get a more sustainable lighting solution that can be adapted to meet any specification.

“You define. We connect."

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Technical specifications

  • Mounting

    1. For wall mounting. A luminaire includes: 2 endcaps and wall brackets.

  • Optics

    1. 2 optics available: OP - opal diffuser ASY - asymmetric diffuser

  • Dimensions

    1. 4 standard lengths: 600 mm 850 mm 1150 mm 1700 mm

  • Light output

    1. 3 options: Low, medium and high output; 2000lm - 8000lm

  • Light Source

    1. 830, 840, CCT 827-865 MacAdams 3 CRI90 on request

  • Emergency system

    1. Available with integrated emergency (1150, 1700). 1 and 3 hour duration. standard (S) and addressable (DALI).
  • Integrated sensors

    1. Available with: SPR-SEN - recommended for a single office MPW-SEN - recommended for group of offices CPW-SEN - recommended for building management For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.
  • Driver

    1. Available with constant light (HF) and dimmable (DALI) drivers.
  • Body material and colour

    1. Body and endcaps in three standard colours: anodised aluminium, white or black. Extruded aluminium profile.




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