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Trace is a compact LED task light, with excellent light output and minimalistic design. A slim arm carries the distinct lamp head, which has the form of a superellipse, a square with rounded edges. The task light changes shape and expression when seen from different angles. In spite of its modest size, Trace has a definite presence and posture that makes it suitable for most modern office environments. The combination of simple lines and an elegantly shaped lamp head gives it a distinct personality. Décor rings in rich colours The lamp head may be complemented with a décor ring, available in three rich colours. Sweet fuchsia Aqua marine Street light orange The addition of a colourful décor ring gives the task light a playful expression. It also means that the personality of the luminaire may be altered by switching between differently coloured décor rings. Dimming and auto shut-off Trace is equipped with a 6 Watt LED module, and is fully dimmable as standard. Trace also features automatic shut-off for added energy savings. A built-in timer automatically turns the light off after 4 or 9 hours. Excellent ergonomics Trace offers excellent ergonomics in the office workspace. The light output is asymmetric, distributing the light evenly at an angle across the working area. This prevents reflection, and allows the Trace to be placed well to the side of the workspace. The flexibility of the arm and lamp head provide added flexibility so the user can easily place the light exactly where it is needed. USB charger version A version with USB charger is also available. The charger is integrated in the table base. LED: Light source of the future Trace is equipped with state-of-the-art light emitting diodes, which provide bright, warm light. Light emitting diodes have an incredibly long life span. The diodes in Trace have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. That means 25 years or more with normal office use. You may never have to change the light source! The importance of the personal task light Follow this link to learn more about the importance of good workstation lighting, and how a task light can help you achieve a better working environment. Guide to workstation lighting

Technical specifications

  • Arm technology and movement

    1. Two-pivot arm, 50cm.Up-and-down andside-to-sidemovement in both arm and shade. NB! Allowing for upwardshade tilt creates more flexibility but may cause unwanted glare
  • Body material and colour

    1. Full metal body made of zinc, steel and aluminium. Shade cover in plastic. Colours: white, black or aluminium grey.
  • Accessories

    1. The lamp head may be complemented with a décor ring, available in three rich colours: Sweet fuchsia, Aqua marine orStreet light orange.
  • Light Source

    1. LED 450 lumen out Colour rendition index (CRI) is 90 Correlated colour temperature (CCT) is 3000K
  • Mounting

    1. Standard with table clamp (CLA)or table base (BAS).Other mounting options are available as accessories.
  • Timer

    1. A shut-off function is integrated. The light will automatically turn off after4 or 9hours.
  • Electrical specification

    1. Plug-in 20V power supply.
  • Optic

    1. Asymmetric light output. White, polycarbonate reflectors.

    1. A version with USB charger is also available. The charger is integrated in the table base.




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