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Glamox has implemented EPD generator

The increasing globalisation of business and the necessity of focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development have an undeniable influence on what drives competition. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have created a generator in order to efficiently produce EPDs.

EPDs (or Environmental Product Declarations) are documents that summarise the environmental profile of a component, a finished product, or a service in a standardised and objective way. The requirements for how such a document should be created are specified in the ISO standard 14 025, Environmental Labels and Declarations Type III.

We have created a generator together with LCA.no and Norsk Industry by Designindustrien. It has been approved by EPD Norway exclusively for Glamox Production Molde at the moment, but it will be rolled out to the remaining factories in the near future. As of today, Glamox has used the generator to issue an EPD for the product i10, and you can find it here: 
https://www.epd-norge.no/elektroniske-og-elektriske-komponenter-kabler-produkter/i10-1500-led-16000-hf-840-mb-article4566-554.html. EPDs will continue to be issued for more and more products in the future, and we will prioritise our best-selling products in this process going forward.


“This is an important milestone in the work on documenting the sustainability aspects of our products,” says Technical Director Birger Holo. “With the EPD generator, we have a great tool to document the environmental footprint of our products where we take the complete life cycle into consideration. And since it is based on international standards and is 3rd party verified and approved, it ensures that the information provided is transparent and comparable,” he adds.