C80 G2 – Customised elegance


The C80 G2 is the second generation of our popular linear luminaire, with many design options, allowing you to achieve the same look and feel throughout your space.


The elegance of the Glamox C80 G2 has been captured in a sleek, sophisticated form that combines classic design with various lumen outputs and an impressive choice of optics. It can be used for creating discreet light lines and shapes that illuminate diverse spaces in a refined and optimal manner.

What is unique about the C80 G2?

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“The idea behind the C80-G2 was to create a complete luminaire family full of possibilities. Tailored for the many different ceiling systems out there, these installation-friendly fixtures will blend seamlessly into the architecture. By additionally developing a number of adapted efficient optics, the lighting designer has the opportunity to create endless rows of light in various qualities. Simplicity, flexibility and efficiency in a compact package have been a common thread throughout the entire design process.”

Hans Bleken Rud

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“The most challenging thing about the C80 G2 project was developing a highly flexible luminaire that can be used to build various shapes. We also wanted to make it possible for the customer to choose just about any luminaire length without compromising the evenness of the light in the least bit. To combine these characteristics together with different optics and mounting possibilities in a slim, compact and still installation-friendly design has made this project one of most challenging I have participated in throughout my career.”

Torsten Horn

A complete family

The C80 G2 product family includes ceiling-recessed, pendant, surface- and wall-mounted luminaires.

Low, medium and high lumen packages can be selected in order to adapt the C80 G2 to individual applications and usage scenarios. The opal optics work great in social areas and corridors, while microprismatic variants and silver matte reflectors are an excellent choice for workstations and wherever better glare control is required.

The recessed version also features a drop-out diffuser that provides indirect lighting, illuminating the ceiling around the luminaire.

The asymmetrical optics in the wall-mounted version also add to the variety of lighting effect options, making C80 G2 a complete and exceptionally flexible solution.

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Short lines with a single structure

Three attractive housing colours, numerous mounting options and length variants make C80 G2 an aesthetically pleasing solution that can easily be adapted to your requirements. You can choose the modules that have the technology you need in order to provide precisely the lighting effect you want to achieve. Six standard profile lengths can be installed in different configurations.

Long continuous lines with a combination of structures

A homogenous luminance can be achieved in long light lines up to 25 m with no gaps in the optics thanks to microprismatic and opal diffusers delivered in one piece, and a special light insert system developed especially for the C80 G2 family. You can specify customised lengths to perfectly suit your space.

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Creative shapes with a combination of structures


L-, U-, S- or square-shaped systems

Combine linear and corner units like building blocks to create L-, U-, S- or square-shaped systems. Corner connectors with the opal and microprismatic optics light up for uninterrupted illumination in those eye-catching shapes.


T- or X-shaped systems

Add special endcaps to create T- or X-shaped systems. You can also combine these structures with corner units to build even more customised systems.

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5 detailed installation movies

Watch the first video that shows how easily you can create long continuous lines and shapes with a combination of C80 G2 structures. Recessed variants can be mounted in most ceiling types. Choose the video with the topic you’re interested in and see how quick you can assemble C80 G2 in plasterboard, concrete, Ds and 24x, and Troldtekt T35 ceilings.

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To make it easier, we have designed a tool that does the hard work for you


The C80 G2 product configurator will pick the right items for you, so you can focus on the design. It’s:

  • Fast – create a single luminaire or the shape you need in just a few minutes
  • Easy – just click what you would like to choose
  • Efficient – you will receive a list of everything you need