Bloomberg European HQ




Bloomberg is an American company which delivers business and markets news, data, analysis and video to the world. Bloomberg’s European headquarters are located in the heart of the City of London, it is the first wholly owned and designed Bloomberg building in the world. Designed to facilitate collaboration and fuel innovation, it brought Bloomberg’s 4,000 London-based employees under one roof for the first time.


Embarking on an ambitious £1bn project to construct its new European headquarters, Bloomberg sought to facilitate collaboration and innovation in its new hub in the heart of the City of London. Bloomberg HQ was to set a new standard in sustainable office design, make unprecedented energy efficiency savings through ground-breaking design, and engender happiness and productivity within every occupant and throughout every aspect of the build.

Partnering with architectural ceiling and metalwork manufacturer SAS International, we jointly conceived an iconic lighting solution to integrate seamlessly within the office's ceiling. Incredible energy performance was the ultimate goal at every stage of the project.

In partnership with Foster+Partners, a bespoke, never-before-used petal shaped lighting solution was designed to help Bloomberg achieve exceptional energy savings. The innovative petal design optimised airflow for maximum convection, whilst the slots between each petal improved overall energy transfer, also accounting for acoustics and temperature control. The shape of each module and lighting fittings ensured that as little light as possible was wasted, whilst also creating a comfortable, well-lit environment for office occupants.

We proposed the LED and lens, stringently measuring fittings to ensure full spec compliance. With over 450,000 LED's eventually installed, energy out for required light levels was reduced per LED, further bolstering the already immensely energy efficient design of the lighting and ceiling layout.

Bloomberg HQ now boasts a 98.5 per cent BREEAM Outstanding rating, the highest score ever for a major office development. The company's mission to become one of the world's most efficient, sustainable buildings is no small part due to the impressive array of more than 450,000 LEDs and 2.5 million petals that now adorn the office's ceilings. An innovative lighting solution has enabled the HQ to become 40 per cent more energy efficient as compared to the average commercial workspace. The bespoke design adds a unique, modern twist to one of the world's most sustainable buildings, as part of a future-proof lighting and ceiling solution.